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Treadmill Desks – Ten Myths Explained

The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges describes physical activity as a “miracle cure” able to treat or prevent a range of conditions, from cancer to dementia. The following myths are stopping people and businesses from increasing physical activity in the workplace using treadmill desks: 1 – It’s for CEOs and senior management.  Whilst it’s true […]

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10 important reasons to get one for your office | عشرة أسباب مهمة لإقتنائه للمكتب

It Improves health | لتحسين الصحة It boosts productivity | زيادة الإنتاجية بالعمل It boosts creativity |زيادة الفكر الابداعي It protects your healthy posture | حماية الجلوس الصحي It helps you loss weight | يساعد على خسارة الوزن It gives you wings (energy) | زيادة النشاط It may relieve your anxiety | يساهم بتخفيف القلق It improves […]

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