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Frequently Asked Questions About Treadmill Desks 

‘Walking is man’s best medicine! ‘ Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC)

But what if our modern living is standing between us and this best medicine?

Should we ditch all this progress that technology brought us and go back to living the way people were living two hundred years ago to be more active?

or ..

Come up with innovations to help us move more in our modern environment? … A treadmill desk is one such innovation and here are the answers to your questions about it:

What is a treadmill desk workstation? 

A treadmill desk workstation is an equipment designed to help users sit less and walk more while they work or learn. In it’s basic version, you combine a standing desk with an exercise treadmill to get a treadmill desk. However, over the years the design improved to include more features to accommodate walking while working. Such features include:

  • A treadmill that can handle low speeds for long hours.
  • Internal cable management system
  • Integrated Armrest and Console
  • Quiet operation to stay respectful of coworkers
  • Integrated Step Counting
  • Intelli-Guard™ Safety Technology

Why use a treadmill desk? 

There are many good reasons for someone to add treadmill desk to your lifestyle. Here are some scenarios:

  • Your job requires you to sit behind a screen for a long time and you are concerned about the health implications of that.
  • You noticed that sitting for too long gets you to feel anxious and depressed.
  • You love to do something else while walking such as taking an online course or writing a book.
  • You have back pain because of hunching over a computer all day.
  • You want to loss weight and sitting makes you more hungry so you end up eating more and burning less
  • You experience ADHD like symptoms
  • etc…

Does a treadmill desk work? 

Thousands of people use it and find it extremely helpful. If it works for them, then why will not work for you?

Can you still be productive while using a treadmill desk? 

At a convenient speed, you might forget that you are walking and you can still be fully immersed in whatever you are working on. I wrote this article while walking, so obviously i can think and type while using it.

I do an hour of exercise everyday, why would i use a treadmill desk for? 

With a treadmill desk, the goal is to sit less during the day. If you exercise for one hour and spend the remaining hours of the day sitting, then you are not moving enough. Intermittent movement is important for health.

How much walking should i do on a treadmill desk? 

It depends on your abilities. Remember that you don’t need to do all the walking in one session. You can switch between sitting and walking several times a day. Your goal can be something like: walking for 30 minutes 04 times a day. The best part is you can still be productive during this time.

Which is the best treadmill desk? 

We love LifeSpan treadmill desks and it’s the market leader for a reason. It’s designed with workplace in mind and it offers a complete solution with a great quality for an affordable price.

How big is a treadmill desk? 

It depends on the model, but the standard LifeSpan treadmill desk requires a space of approximately two meters in length and one meter in width for the whole solution.

How much does a treadmill desk cost?

It depends on the model you choose.

How to build a treadmill desk? 

If you are serious about adding a treadmill desk to your life then don’t waste your time and money. Buy a complete solution that’s designed for the purpose and would last you for years to come.

Is treadmill desk worth it? 

If you add all the health benefits of walking and avoiding prolonged sitting with the increase in productivity, creativity and maybe intelligence, then it might be one of the best investments you will make in your life.