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10 Creative Ways in Which Functional Equipment Can Help Your Business

Adding functional furniture such as treadmill desks and bike desks is increasingly becoming part of the corporate wellness plan for many companies. However there are many other ways in which functional furniture can be used by companies to achieve a wide range of business goals. Here are ten of them:

  1. In waiting areas to improve customer experience. Adding functional furniture to standard waiting room seats can help your customers make a better use of their time. It tells them you care about them and they are less likely to get angry if the wait is long.
  2. In classrooms: colleges, learning centers and even high schools can add them to existing classrooms. Students and especially hyperactive ones will appreciate it and it may even improve learning. We developed the system to solve the problem of prolonged sitting that students experience in classrooms. This can be another way to solve that problem.
  3. In a gym’s warmup area: Busy professionals might not signup to a gym because of time constraints but if you give them a chance to do some work while they warm up then they might consider it.
  4. Use it to help your creative team come up with ideas: walking can help people come up with creative ideas. I wrote this while walking.
  5. In airport gates or even on airplanes: It’s well established that long flights are associated with deep vein thrombosis which can become life threatening. Most people spend one to two hours sitting in an airport gate waiting to board a flight. Airports can add functional furniture to help travelers get physically active before a flight.
  6. In a hotel’s business lounge for a better hotel experience. Specially attractive to frequent business travelers.
  7. In Airbnb listings as part of amenities.
  8. In telemarketers and cold callers rooms: Walking at slow speed lowers anxiety level thus making your telemarketers sound more relaxed on the phone. The opposite can be said about sitting for long in a cubicle.
  9. In bookstore & libraries giving readers the ability to read and move at the same time
  10. In coffee shops. Why not meet a friend, enjoy a coffee and walk or pedal at the same time?


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