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Treadmill Desks – Ten Myths Explained

The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges describes physical activity as a “miracle cure” able to treat or prevent a range of conditions, from cancer to dementia.

The following myths are stopping people and businesses from increasing physical activity in the workplace using treadmill desks:

1 – It’s for CEOs and senior management. 

Whilst it’s true that most treadmill desks end up in senior managements’ offices, these are not the people who need it the most. Sitting is bad for everybody but senior managers usually have flexibility to move around more; checking on the business and meeting people outside the office. Most of them don’t have to stay stagnant like standard employees – spending the day working in front of computer screens or sitting down at desks.

2- It will replace my desk and i will walk all day. 

A treadmill desk is not a replacement for a normal desk. It’s there to be shared by several employees to take short walking breaks. An employee can take a 30 minutes walking break and then go back to his/her desk. In such instances, walking helps circulation and lessens the tension on muscles such as the neck and back.

3- It’s expensive to buy treadmill desks for everybody.

You don’t need to buy a treadmill desk for each employee. Ideally a company will create an active zone with one or more treadmill desks. These desks can be equipped with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Any employee can simply bring their laptop – start walking and working.

4- There is not enough space. 

A treadmill desk only require a 2 M * 1 M area. Most offices have unused spaces which a treadmill desk can fit into. We are happy to advise.

5- It’s for those wanting to lose weight or get fit.

No. You might start losing a little weight and get fitter if you add more walking to your day but that’s not the goal of using a treadmill desk. The goal is to avoid the damage done to the body when we sit for too long. Read more…

6- Walking will distract from work and lower productivity

This is not true and it’s been tested. If you walk at a low comfortable speed then you will not be distracted. In fact, the tension generated from sitting too long is what distracts many people and prevents them from fully focusing. Read more..

7- It’s an optional luxury.

No, it’s a necessity. In fact it should be a right, especially for those who have administrative jobs that require sitting for extended periods of time. Companies pay employees for their time and work; not for damaging their health. A good salary cannot compensate for damage done to the body.

8- Using a treadmill desk will get me sweaty at work. 

No. Treadmill desks are designed for low speed – there is a maximum that you can’t go above and with ACs all around, a 30 minutes walking break will not break a sweat.

9- I go to the gym after work so I don’t need short walks in the office. 

In a recent statement, the American Heart Association warned that exercise doesn’t undo the health effects of excessive sitting. Read more..

10- It’s bad for back and posture. 

False. Treadmill desks can be height adjusted so if you pick the correct height it will be much easier to maintain a good posture whilst walking than sitting. Also studies showed treadmill desks potentially help in reducing neck and shoulder pain associated with computer work. Read more..

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