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International WELL Building Institute Recommends Active Furnishings

In today’s fast-paced world, where the line between work and wellness is becoming increasingly blurred, companies are striving to create healthier and more productive environments for their employees. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has recognized this need and recommends the incorporation of active furnishings as a way to enhance workplace well-being. One company leading the charge in this endeavor is Move To Excellence, with their innovative treadmill desks and bike desks. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these active furnishings can help companies meet the IWBI’s recommendations and achieve WELL AP certification.

What is WELL AP Certification?

Before diving into the benefits of active furnishings, let’s briefly explain what WELL AP certification is. WELL AP (Accredited Professional) certification is a globally recognized designation for professionals who demonstrate expertise in the field of building design and operation focused on human health and well-being. It’s awarded by the IWBI, and achieving this certification requires a commitment to creating spaces that prioritize the health and well-being of their occupants. Click here to view the recommendation..

The Role of Active Furnishings in Workplace Well-Being

Active furnishings are furniture pieces that encourage physical activity while working. They are designed to combat the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, which has been linked to various health issues, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal problems. By incorporating active furnishings into the workplace, companies can address these concerns and create an environment that promotes physical activity and well-being.

Move To Excellence’s Treadmill Desks:

  1. Promoting Physical Activity: Treadmill desks provide employees with the opportunity to walk while working. This gentle activity can help combat the sedentary lifestyle that often comes with desk jobs.
  2. Increased Productivity: Studies have shown that physical activity can boost productivity and creativity. Treadmill desks allow employees to stay engaged and alert throughout the day.
  3. Health Benefits: Regular use of treadmill desks can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of obesity, and alleviate musculoskeletal issues.

Move To Excellence’s Bike Desks:

  1. Multitasking: Bike desks enable employees to pedal while working, allowing them to complete tasks and stay active simultaneously.
  2. Energy Boost: The gentle movement of pedaling can increase blood flow and provide employees with an energy boost, reducing afternoon slumps.
  3. Mental Well-Being: Physical activity has been linked to improved mental health, reduced stress levels, and enhanced mood.

How Move To Excellence Can Help Companies Achieve WELL AP Certification

  1. WELL AP Certification Categories: The IWBI focuses on several categories, including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, and comfort. Active furnishings from Move To Excellence directly contribute to the fitness and comfort categories, addressing the physical well-being of employees and creating a comfortable work environment.
  2. Innovative Design: Move To Excellence’s products are designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into modern office spaces.
  3. Customization: Companies can choose from a variety of active furnishings to suit their specific needs, ensuring that their workplace design aligns with the WELL Building Standard.
  4. Support and Education: Move To Excellence provides support and education to help companies implement active furnishings effectively, aligning with WELL AP certification requirements.

By incorporating Move To Excellence’s active furnishings, companies in the Middle East and especially GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar) can demonstrate their commitment to employee health and well-being, making significant strides towards achieving WELL AP certification. As the workplace evolves to prioritize physical activity and well-being, these innovative solutions are becoming essential for modern businesses.

In conclusion, Move To Excellence’s treadmill desks and bike desks offer a practical and effective way for companies to meet the IWBI’s recommendations for active furnishings, thereby enhancing workplace well-being and ultimately aiding in the attainment of WELL AP certification. Investing in these innovative solutions not only benefits employees’ health but also contributes to a more productive and competitive workforce in the long run.