Treadmill Desks

What Kinds of Desks are Available?

A – Electric Height Adjustment Desk (DT7) : Recommended for ease of height
adjustment up or down especially when several people are sharing the same desk.
B – Manual Height Adjustment Desk (DT5): An economical option for a single user.
C – No Desk (DT3 Console only): Recommended for someone who already has a third party
standing desk and needs the console to control the treadmill base.
**Please note that the console is built into the DT7 and DT5 model. We recommend LifeSpan desks because it was designed to provide you with the support you need to walk and work.**

What are the Options Available for a Treadmill Base?

A – TR1200 : Usage of up to 6 hours a day
B – TR5000: Usage of up to 10 hours a day

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