WellDesk Pro Corporate Wellbeing Subscription (Treadmill Desk)

1.000,00 AED / month



This Corporate Wellbeing Subscription package designed to promote employee health, boost productivity, and create a more vibrant and energetic workplace environment. At the heart of this package is the inclusion of a state-of-the-art Treadmill Desk, transforming the way your employees work and enhancing their overall wellbeing.

Key Features:

Treadmill Desk (01 Unit):

    • The centerpiece of the WellDesk package is the innovative Treadmill Desk. It seamlessly combines productivity and physical activity, allowing employees to walk or jog while working at their desk. This promotes cardiovascular health, reduces sedentary behavior, and stimulates creativity.
    • Adjustable speed and desk height ensure comfort and suitability for various fitness levels and work preferences.
    • Quiet and energy-efficient motor, ensuring a distraction-free work environment.

Additional Benefits:

    • Equipment Replacement Guarantee: Faulty equipment replacement included, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your employees.
    • Flexible Billing Options:
      • Service billed quarterly, monthly, or annually, offering financial flexibility.
    • Cancellation Policy:
      • Cancel at any time after the initial three months, providing adaptability to your organization’s changing needs.

Installation and Removal:

  • Fees: An installation and removal fee of 500 Dirhams applies, ensuring professional setup and seamless removal when needed.