How Can You Add Health And Happiness To Your Workplace?

Some employees feel trapped sitting behind their desks. We are designed to move in the day and rest at night. Minimizing the time your employees spend sitting and increasing their physical activity while at work is the fastest and most effective way to improve their sense of wellbeing and increase their productivity.

The goal of our corporate wellness products is to make your employees sit less without sacrificing employee productivity. To achieve that, we created several options for you:

Options 1 – Interrupt Sitting with a Standing Desk Converter

The GetUp desk extension can be placed on any desk giving your employees the ability to change from sitting to standing as many times as they like. It’s ideal for employees who suffer from neck and back tension and it doesn’t require any additional space in the office.

Option 2 – Active Area / Zone – 

If you have a small empty area in your office, we can help you transform it into an active area. We will help you choose the right treadmill desks and/or bike desks to fit your area and budget. Employees will then be encouraged to take breaks from sitting and doing some work while walking or cycling. A 30 min break can make a huge difference and your employees will thank you for it.

Option 3 – Add Walking to an Existing Standing Desk

Switching between sitting and standing is much better than sitting all the time at work but walking is the best for health. Standing desks became popular in the past few years but many of its users find it harsh on the back and knees to stand for long time which is why we recommend walking or cycling. Our treadmill bases can fit under any standing desk.

For those who already have a standing desk that they no longer use, we offer the option to transform it into a treadmill desk by providing you with the treadmill base to go under the desk and a control console that goes on top of the desk to control the treadmill.

Option 4 – Bike Any Where in The Office 

These cute bike desks come with wheels allowing you to roll them easily from one place to another giving you and your employees the flexibility to work where they feel comfortable. You can also combine with few treadmill desks to create an ideal active area.

Hope you find the information helpful.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.