Walking Workstation

How to build a walking workstation that helps you maintain a healthy posture and avoid rounded shoulders and forward head

1- Choose a treadmill desk from our collection 

2- Our treadmill desks include height adjustable desks so you can pick a height that allows you to look straight at a monitor and avoid looking down so you don’t hunch over and end up with kyphosis.

3- Get a  large enough screen for you see the letters without the need to lean forward. This can help you avoid forward neck problems.

4- Get a  stool / chair so you can take breaks from walking. Even better, try laying down on a yoga mat using Alexander Technique or use a foam roller . This can be very good too if it’s cleared by your doctor.

5- Get a USB / wireless keyboard and mouse so you don’t have to use the small laptop keyboard.

6- Learn to do body stretches after a long walk. Youtube is filled with videos that can teach you.

7- Stay hydrated.

Here is video showing a sample walking workstation to stay active and keep a healthy posture: