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LifeSpan Fitness Club & Active Trac App

We are pleased to inform our valued customers in all of the Middle East Gulf Countries of their complementary access to LifeSpan Fitness Club when purchasing one of our LifeSpan Workplace solutions for their office. This applies to our collection of Treadmill Desks & Bike Desks.
The Active Trac app along with the club membership will allow you to track your activity, sync to your account, visualize your progress, and become better than ever.
Follow the steps below to take advantage of your club membership:

  1. Find your Enrollment ID # printed on the owner’s manual included inside the box of your treadmill desk or bike desk
  2. Enroll in LifeSpan Fitness Club
  3. Download the Active Trac app on your mobile device.
  4. Turn on the bluetooth on your equipment to sync


Active Trac for Android enables automatic transfer of exercise and activity data to your LifeSpan Club account. The fully-redesigned app also features industry-exclusive goal monitoring capabilities, as well as manual entry of activity information, including biking, running, and walking.

Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth syncing with compatible LifeSpan equipment.
  • Activity goal setting with intuitive displays.
  • Steps, distance, calories, and intensity graphed to deliver a complete visual overview.
  • Daily, monthly, weekly, and annual data views.
  • Social media integration for easy sharing of daily results via Facebook and Twitter.